Monday, May 28, 2012

Artificer & Sage (Under Construction)

Req: Trained in 3 Knowledges, Arcane Gift, Divine Gift, 2 Talents from Metamagic or Seer

Hit Dice: The Sage uses d6 Hit Dice
BAB: Low

Defense Bonuses: Sages gain a +4 class bonus to their Will defense and a +2 class bonus to their reflex defense.

Special Ability: Sage Lore: You gain this as a bonus (+1 at 2nd, +1 e/o lvl.) to all Knowledges you are Trained in and as a bonus to Will defense versus Illusions.

Talent Trees

-Metamagic (Magic-User)
-Seer (Cleric)
-Healer (Cleric)


Monster Lore
     You gain a +5 to Knowledge checks made to identify creatures.
     You gain +1 to attacks, damage and opposed checks against creatures you have successfully identified.

     When you take a 10 on a knowledge check, treat the die roll as a 12.

Eidetic Memory
     Req: Recall
     You may make an Int check with a DC equal to the number of days since you have seen or heard something. If you exceed the DC you remember that thing with perfect clarity.

     You gain a +2 synergy bonus in an associated skill for each Knowledge skill you have trained.
     History → Perception, Arcana → Spellcasting, Religion → Devotion, Nature → Survival, Underdark → Endurance, Politics → Diplomacy, Engineering → Mechanics, Tactics → Initiative

Knowledgeable Advice
     You may spend a full-round action to give a player than can see and hear you a +5 to a single skill check.

Uncanny Linguist
     You may make a DC 15 Int check you determine whether you speak a given language. Once you have successfully made this check for a language you do not have to make it again. You cannot retry this check.

     You may reroll any Knowledge check, but must take the result even if it is worse.

Practiced Advisor
     Req: Knowledgeable Advice
     Targets of your Knowledgeable Advice gain a temporary action point. This action point is lost if it is not used by the end of the encounter.

Exploit Weakness
     Req: Monster Lore
     You may spend two swift actions to give all allies that can see or hear you your Sage Lore bonus to attacks against a creature you have successfully identified.

Adaptable Spell Pool
     You may sacrifice two spells to recall a spell you have already used.

Unified Magic
     Req: Adaptable Spell Pool, Ritual Master
     You may choose to use either Spellcasting or Devotion when casting any spell.

Action Reserve
     At the beginning of each encounter you gain 1 temporary action point that may only be used to augment spells. You may take this talent more than once.

     Req: Action Reserve
     When you roll a natural 20 on a Spellcasting or Devotion check you may recall a spell.

Signature Spell
     Choose one spell. Whenever you cast that spell you may take a 10 and do not provoke attacks of opportunity.

Signature Spell Focus
     Req: Signature Spell
     You gain a +2 on all checks to cast your signature spell.

Ritual Master
     You gain a +5 on all skill checks to cast rituals and may use either Spellcasting or Devotion when either is called for.

Efficient Ritualist
     Req: Ritual Master
     It takes you 3/4 as much gold and 3/4 as much time as normal for you to perform rituals. 


Req: Trained in Mechanics, Skill Focus: (Mechanics), Magical Gift, Academy Training, 2 Talents from either Melee Training or Ranged Training

Hit Dice: d8
BAB: mid

Defense Bonuses: Artificers gain a +4 Bonus to their Will Defense and a +2 Bonus to their Fortitude Defense.

Special Ability: Infusion

Talent Trees

-Either Melee or Ranged Training, depending on which one was used for class entry


Master Craftsman

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