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Monk & Paladin


Req.:Martial Arts II, 2 Talents from Brute or Acrobat, Trained in Athletics and Acrobatics

Hit Dice: The Monk uses d10 Hit Dice
BAB: Best

Defense Bonuses: Monks gain a +4 class bonus to their Reflex defense and a +2 to their Will defense.

Special Ability: Flurry: Standard Action. You add a die of damage to an unarmed attack by taking a corresponding -1 to the
attack roll. You may only add one die of damage at 2nd level and an additional die every other level thereafter. At 6th level
any penalties you take using this ability are reduced by 1, at 10th they are reduced by 2.

Talent Trees

-Brute (Fighter)
-Acrobat (Thief)
-Melee Training (Fighter)


Poison Immunity
     Req: Poison Immunity
     You are Immune to Poison

Disease Immunity    
     You are immune to Disease

Wholeness of Body
     Req: Healing Trance
     You gain an additional second wind. You may use a second wind as a reaction to taking damage or being moved down the CT.
Healing Trance
     You may enter a healing trance. During this trance you are aware of your surroundings and may react normally, but if you take any actions the trance is interrupted and must be started over.
     For each hour you are in trance you gain a number of hit points equal to your character level. If you remain in a trance for 4 hours you gain the benefits of a complete night's rest.

Boundless Leap
     You are always considered to be making a running jump when making Athletics checks for Jumping.

Feather Step
     Req: Boundless Leap
     You may make balance checks on any surface, but cannot end your turn on a surface that cannot support your weight. You take no damage from falling.
Focused Fist
     Once per turn you may spend a swift action you may do an additional die of damage with your unarmed attacks. You may choose to have the damage dealt by these attacks be considered fire, lightning or bludgeoning damage.

Ki blast
     Req: Iron Fist
     Once per turn as a standard action you may make a unarmed attack against an enemy within 12 squares. You may treat this attack as fire, lightning or bludgeoning damage.

Style Mastery

     Req: Trip
     As a standard action make an attack roll against each adjacent enemy. In addition to dealing damage normally make a grapple check against each enemy you hit. If you succeed at this check the enemy is knocked prone.

Great Throw
     Req: Trip, Sweep
     When you knock an enemy prone with an unarmed attack you may place them in any square within 2 of you.

Reverse Momentum
     Req: Great Throw
     Characters attacking you in melee do not apply their strength as a bonus to their attack rolls

     Req: Expert Grappler
     You may deal your unarmed strike damage to an enemy you Grab successfully and to any enemy you have a Grabbed at the beginning of your turn.
Improved Lock
     Req: Lock, Expert Grappler
     Each round you have  an enemy grabbed you may make an unarmed attack roll targeting his Fort defense. If you exceed the defense the enemy is moved -1 CT.

Stone Fist
     Treat the hardness of any object you hit with an unarmed attack as 5 lower than normal.

Flying Kick
     Req: Stone Fist
     While charging you may make an Acrobatics check at a DC 15. If you succeed your attack does an additional die of damage.
Forceful Blow
     Req: Stone Fist, Flying Kick
     Once per turn, when you exceed both a target's Ref and Fort defense with an unarmed attack you may choose to push that character back 1 square.

Expert Grappler
     You suffer no penal for making grab attacks and gain a +2 competence bonus on grapple checks.


Requirements: Divine Gift, 2 Talents from either Warpriest or Defender, Trained in Knowledge (Religion) and either
Devotion or Knowledge (Tactics)

Hit Dice: The Paladin uses d12 Hit Dice
BAB: Best

Defense Bonuses: Paladins gain a +4 class bonus to their Fortitude Defense and a +2 class bonus to their Will defense.

Special Ability: Holy Smite: Standard Action. Declare before making an attack. you gain a bonus to you attack equal to
your paladin level and your Charisma modifier as a bonus to damage. Usable 1/day at second, 2/day at 6th, and 3/day at 10th

Talent Trees

-Warpriest (Cleric)
-Melee Training (Fighter)
-Defender (Fighter)

Divine Channeling

Lay on Hands
     You gain a number of healing points equal to your charisma modifier times your character level. As a standard action you may spend any or all of these points to heal an adjacent ally an equal number of hit points. Healing points return after a full night's rest.

Turn Undead
     You may spend an action point as a standard action to make an Intimidate check against all undead within 6 squares. If you exceed a target's will defense they must move away from you with their next move action. If you exceed their defense by more than 10 the must flee from you to the best of their ability. Undead of a higher CL than you gain a +5 to their Will Defense to resit Turn Undead

Turn Fiends
     Req: Turn Undead
     As Turn Undead, except only targeting Fiends.

Purge Evil
     Req: Turn Undead, Turn Fiends
     Instead of the normal effects of Turn Undead or Turn Fiends you may choose to burn the affected enemies with holy flames. If you exceed a target's will defense, and for every additional 5 you exceed it by the target takes 2d6+Cha. modifier damage.

Disease Immunity
     You are Immune to Disease

Divine Grace
     Req: Lay on Hands, Disease Immunity
     You may use your Charisma modifier in place of the normal attribute modifiers for your Defenses.

Divine Shield
     Req: Lay on Hands
     You may spend your Healing points as a reaction in multiples of 5 to gain an equivalent SR until the beginning of your next turn.

Divine Power
     Req: Lay on Hands
     As a swift action you may spend any number of healing points. For every 5 points you spend this way you next attack deals +1d6 holy damage.


     You are immune to Fear.

Knight's Challenge
     As a swift action make an Intimidate or Diplomacy check against an opponent within 10 squares. If the check exceed their Will defense they must spend their next turn attempting to attack you or else suffer a -2 on all attacks and checks.

Winged Aspect
     Req: Divine Aspect
     When you use your Divine aspect you grow wings and can fly. You ignore all difficult terrain and creatures while moving.

Divine Aspect
     As a swift action you may spend an action point to take on some of the qualities of your deity. Any given deity grants a +2 to all rolls and defenses pertaining to two separate ability scores, as well as energy resistance 5 to a single element. These benefits last for 5 + Cha modifier rounds.

For instance Kord, god of strength, might give +2 to all Str. and Con based checks and Defenses and Fire Resistance 5. While Boccob, God of Wizards, might grant +2 to Int and Wis based checks and Acid Resistance 5.

Improved Challenge
     Req: Knight's Challenge
     Victims of your challenge that do not attempt to attack you suffer a -4 on all attacks and checks, as well as a -2 to their defenses.

Mass Challenge
     Req: Knights Challenge
     You may use your Knight's Challenge talent against all enemies within 6 squares.

Greater Divine Aspect
     Req: Divine Aspect
     Your divine Aspect now grants +4 to rolls and defenses for 2 ability scores and an additional energy resistance 5, or a single energy resistance 10.

Battle Casting
     Req: Cha 16
     You do not provoke Attacks of Opportunity when using "You" ranged spells. 

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