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3+Int Skills, d8 HD, +1 to all Defenses, mid BAB

Class Skills: Devotion, Knowledge (any), Perception, Persuasion, Treat Injury
Starting Feats: WP (Simple, Melee Martial), AP (light, medium), Divine Gift

Bonus Feats: AP (heavy), Extra Second Wind, Improved Disarm, Improved Defenses, Improved Damage Threshold, Lucky, Marital Arts I, Melee Defense, Power Attack, Quick Draw, Shake it Off, Skill Focus, Skill Training, Throw, Trip, Weapon Focus,

Talent Trees

War Priest

     As a standard action you can inspire all allies within line of sight that can see, hear and understand you, granting them a  +1 morale bonus on attack rolls and a +1 morale bonus on skill checks for the rest of the encounter or until you're unconscious or dead. Once inspired your allies don't need to remain within line of sight to gain the benefit. You can't inspire confidence in yourself.

     Prereq: Hope
     You can give up your move action to give one ally within your line of sight an extra move action on his next turn.

     Prereq: Trust, Hope
     You can give up your standard action to give one ally within you line of sight a standard action on his next turn.

     Prereq: Teamwork
     Your allies gain +1 to all defenses as long as they remain within 6 squares of another ally.

     Allies within you line of sight grant an additional +2 bonus when they use the Aid Another action.

Band of Brothers
     Prereq: Coordinate, Teamwork
     Allies within your line of sight may use an ally's Action points as long as that ally is within 6 squares and is willing to give one.

     Prereq: Hope
     As a swift action you grant all allies with line of sight to you a +5 bonus versus fear effects. Any ongoing Fear affects are negated if their checks do not exceed the character's new Will Defense. This bonus lasts until the beginning of your next turn.

     Prereq: Hope, Fearless
     All allies within 6 squares that exceed a target's DT move the target an additional -1 CT.


Reach Spell
     You may take a -2 on your Devotion check to change any Spells with a range of "You or adjacent ally" to "You or an ally within 6 squares".

Extended Reach
     Prereq: Reach Spell
     As Reach Spell, except that you may take an additional -1 on the check to extend the range by 1 square. You can take this penalty as many times as you want, gaining an additional 1 square range each time.

Expert Healer
     Treat your level as 2 higher when using the Heal spell.

Practiced Healer
     Prereq: Expert Healer
    You may take a -5 on your Devotion check when using the Heal or Revive Spells. If you successfully make the minimum DC for the spell to have effect it is not expended.

     Prereq: Expert Healer
     You may use the Heal spell outside of combat without expending it. Each casting takes 10 minutes and you automatically take a 10 on the Devotion check to cast the spell.

     You know the current HP and position on the CT of all allies within line of sight.

     Prereq: Lifesight
     You know the current HP and position on the CT of allies and creatures of your level or lower within line of sight.

Anatomical Knowledge
     Prereq: Lifesight, Status
     Whenever you score a critical hit you move the enemy -1 CT, even if you don't exceed their DT. If you do exceed their DT on a critical hit they move an -1 additional CT.


     You can use your Devotion check in place of your Initiative modifier when making Initiative checks. You are considered trained in the initiative skill and if you are allowed to reroll your Initiative you may reroll this Devotion check.

     You may spend an action point to ask your deity if a considered action will have good, bad or indifferent results in the immediate future.

     Prereq: Intuition, Augury
     You may spend an action point to read the past of an item you are touching. You may read up to 5 years back per character level. You know the owners of the item, their professions and the general appearance of the area in which they lived. This information can be as clear or as cryptic as the GM desires.

Discern Lies
     You gain a +5 divine bonus on your Perception checks to Sense Deception

Zone of Truth
     Prereq: Discern Lies
     When you successfully use the Perception skill to Sense Deception there is an automatic, public manifestation that designates that the target is lying. This might cause the target's voice to rise or fall to extreme levels, or cast some color of light on them or wreath them in obvious, but harmless, silver flame. This effect lasts until the end of the encounter.   

     Prereq: Augury
     Spend an action point. You ask your deity for a piece of advice regarding a specific goal, question or event. The resulting advice may be as clear or as cryptic as the GM wishes.

     Prereq: Augury, Divination
     Spend an action point. You may ask your Deity a number of yes or no questions equal to your character level. "Unclear" is a legitimate answer.

Danger Sense
     Prereq: Intuition
     If you are surprised, during the surprise round you may take one swift or move action as a reaction during an enemy's turn.

Nature's Servant

Animal Bond
     Prereq: Wild Empathy
     You may create a bond with an animal you have influenced to Friendly using the Wild Empathy talent. For one hour you may use that animals senses as you own, with no distance limit. During this time you may take only move and swift actions.

Chosen Terrain
    Choose one terrain type (forest, desert, mountains, wetlands, plains, tundra). While in your chosen terrain you gain a +5 divine bonus to all Survival checks and a +2 divine bonus to all Initiative and Perception checks.

Devout Elementalist
     You may treat all types of (elemental) spells as Divine spells. For example you can choose Ray (Fire) with the Temple Training feat and use your Devotion skill to cast it.

     Once per encounter you may place 4 squares of difficult terrain on the map. The squares must all be within 6 squares of you and must all contain some sort of plant or fungal life.
     Characters leaving these squares must make a DC 10 Str check or have their speed reduced to 2 squares for the rest of the turn.

     Prereq: Wild Empathy, Animal Bond
     You ignore concealment and cover when making Perception checks to notice opponents within 10 squares and take no penalty from poor visibility when tracking.

Verdant Allies
     Prereq: Entangle
     The squares of difficult terrain you place with your Entangle talent are considered allies for the purposes of flanking.

Trackless Step
     Prereq: Chosen Terrain
     While in your chosen terrain you leave no trace of your passing. Any attempts to track you with the Survival skill suffer a -10 penalty in addition to another other factors.

Wild Empathy
     Animals will not flee from you or attack you without training or provocation. You may speak to animals and influence them using the Persuasion skill. 

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