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6+Int Skills, d8 HD, +2 Ref, +1 Will, mid BAB

Class Skills: Acrobatics, Athletics, Artistry, Deception, Diplomacy, Initiative, Intimidate, Knowledge (Politics), Mechanics, Perception, Stealth, Survival
Starting Feats: AP (light), WP (Simple, Ranged Martial) EWP (Hand Crossbow, Sap, Whip)

Bonus Feats: Careful Shot, Deadeye, Dodge, Far Shot, Melee Defense, Mobility,Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Rapid Shot, Quick Draw, Rapid Shot, Running Attack, Skill Focus, Skill Training, Sniper, Weapon Proficiency (martial melee)

Talent Trees

Ranged Training

Debilitating Shot
     If you aim before making a ranged attack and the attack hits you move the target -1 CT in addition to dealing damage.

Ranged Disarm
Prereq: Ranged Flank
     You can disarm an opponent using a ranged attack. If your ranged disarm fails the opponent does not get a free attack against you.

Improved Aim
     When you aim you may add your Dexterity modifier to the damage roll.

Improved Rapid Shot
     You take no penalty when using the Rapid Shot feat

Multiattack Proficiency (any ranged)
Prereq: Weapon Specialization
     Whenever you make iterative attacks with a ranged weapon, reduce the penalty on your attack rolls by 2.

Prereq: Debilitating Shot
     If you successfully hit with Debilitating Shot the target's speed is reduced by 2 until they gain +1 CT. 

Ranged Flank
     If you are within 6 squares of a target and armed with a ranged weapon you can act as though you occupied the nearest square adjacent to the target for the purposes of determining flanking for you and your allies.

Weapon Specialization
Prereq: Weapon Focus (chosen exotic or group)
     Choose the (ranged martial) weapon group or a single ranged exotic weapon with which you are proficient. You gain a +2 to all damage rolls with the chosen weapons.

Silver Tongue

     By spending two swift actions you may suppress all morale and insight bonuses applied to enemies within your line of sight.

Prereq: Disruptive
     Make a Diplomacy check as a standard action against a single opponent that can see, hear and understand you. If your check exceeds their Will defense they take a -2 to all defenses and must expend their swift action in order to use their standard action. These penalties last until the end of your next turn.

Prereq: Mockery
     If the subject of you Mockery makes a move action they must end their turn closer to you than they started.

Fast Talker
     Once per encounter you may spend an action point to take a 20 on a Diplomacy check as a standard action.

     When you are not disguised you may reroll any Diplomacy check used to barter or intimidate, but you must accept the second result even if it is worse.

Talk Down
Prereq: Fast Talker
     As a standard action you may make a Diplomacy or Intimidation check against the Will defense of a target with an Int of 3 or greater that can see, hear and understand you. The target gets a +5 bonus if it is higher level than you. If you exceed its defense it moves -1 step on the CT. If it is reduced to 0 on the track it is not rendered unconscious, but may not attack you or your allies for the remainder of the encounter unless you attack it or it's allies first.

Skilled Negotiator
Prereq: Talk Down
     You may talk down as a move action and move the target -2 CT on a successful Persuasion check.

Group Negotiations
Prereq: Talk Down
     When you use your Talk Down ability you may spend a Force point to have it effect all enemies within 6 squares.


     Your speed increases by 2 squares as long as you are wearing light or no armor.

Prereq: Dash
     When you make a Withdrawal action you may move up to your speed and must clear all threatened areas with your first 2 squares of movement.

Prereq: Dash, Quick Leap
     Your movement is not slowed by low objects or difficult terrain. In addition, when you use the run action you may move up to five times your speed.

Quick Leap
     If an effect causes you to fall prone you can make a DC 20 Acrobatics check as a reaction to remain standing.

Elusive Target
Prereq: Uncanny Dodge I
     When your characters is threatening at least one opponent in melee other opponents suffer a -5 penalty to ranged attacks against you.

Uncanny Dodge I
     You retain your Dex bonus to your Reflex defense regardless of being flat-footed or being struck by a hidden attacker. You still lose your Dex bonus when immobilized.

Uncanny Dodge II
Prereq: Uncanny Dodge I
     You cannot be flanked.

Prereq: Quick Leap
     When you are in the area of a blast effect you take no damage if the attack misses.


     Whenever you make a successful attack against an opponent who is denied its dexterity the target moves -1 CT.

     You may choose to reroll any Stealth check, but must take the result even if it is worse.

Silent Running
Prereq: Stealthy
     You take no penalty to your stealth check when moving at normal speed.

Sneak Attack
     Any time your opponent is flat-footed or denied it's Dex bonus to Reflex defense you may deal an extra 1d6 points of damage. you must be within 6 squares of a target to make a sneak attack with a ranged weapon.
     You may select this talent multiple times, each time gaining an additional 1d6 damage.

Improved Concealment
Prereq: Stealthy, Hidden Movement
     Any situation that would give you concealment gives you total concealment instead

Hide in Plain Sight
Prereq: Stealthy, Hidden Movement
     Once per encounter, when you are withing 2 squares of concealment or cover you can move to that cover or concealment and make a Stealth check to hide as a move action.

Weakening Strike
Prereq: Backstab or Sneak attack
     Instead of moving the target of your backstab down the condition track or dealing extra damage with your sneak attack you may give it -5 to attacks and melee damage until the start of your next turn.

Prereq: Backstab or Sneak Attack
     Once per turn you may treat any foe you are flanking as flat-footed for a single attack.

Prereq: Backstab or Sneak Attack
     Instead of moving the target of your backstab down the condition track or dealing extra damage with your sneak attack you may reduce its speed to 2 until the start of your next turn.

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