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2+Int skills, d6 HD, +2 Will, +1 Ref, low BAB

Class Skills: Artistry, Knowledge (any), Mechanics, Spellcasting
Starting Feats: WP (simple), Arcane Gift, Arcane Ritual Caster

Bonus Feats: Animal Companion, Careful Shot, Far Shot, Improved Defenses, Linguist, Lucky, Melee Defense, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Skill Focus, Skill Training, Weapon Finesse

Talent Trees


Improved Command
     When commanding a summoned creature you may use a swift action to give a move action and a move action to give a standard action. Your summoned creatures may take swift actions without you giving up an action, but they may only take one per turn.

Master Command
     Req: Improved Command
     Creatures you summon may take swift and move actions without you giving up any actions. You must still give up a move action to give a summoned creature a standard action.

Additional Summon
     Req: Improved Command, Master Command
     You may have 2 creatures summoned at the same time.

Augmented Summoning
     Creatures you summon gain a +1 to all attacks and defenses, as well as a number of temporary HP equal to you character level.

Master Summoner
     Req: Augmented Summing, Improved Command, Master Command
     You gain an additional move action which you may only use to direct Summoned creatures.

Bonded Summoner
     Req: Augmented Summoning
     When you use the Summon power you may always summon the same creature. The creature retains any knowledge it may have gained on it's previous summonings, as well as any equipment you have given it. If the creature is defeated it may be summoned again with a new use of the spell.
     When you use the Summon spell to summon a bonded creature you must always take a 10, even while threatened.

Interposing Summon
     After you cast the Summon spell you may immediately switch positions with the summoned creature as a reaction. This movement does not provoke attacks of opportunity.

Summon Mount
     Outside of combat you may use your Summon power to create a mount appropriate to your current terrain. This use of the Summon power does not expend the power, but you can only create one mount at a time. The mount lasts until the beginning of the next encounter and does not have to be maintained.


Sly Spell
     You may take a -2 on a Spellcasting check to disguise the casting of a spell. Opponents must make a Perception check versus the result of the casting check to be able to discern that you cast a spell.
     This does not eliminate any obvious manifestations of the power, such as a fiery ray, it just disguises the hand gestures and magic words associated with casting spells.

     As a standard action you may spend an action point to create an illusion. The illusion takes any form you wish and you make a Spellcasting check. Whenever a character views the illusion you compare that result to their will defense. If your total exceeds their defense they believe the illusion is real. Any physical interaction with the illusion reveals the ruse. The illusion lasts for a number of minutes equal to your character level.

Shadow Illusion
     Req: Illusion
     If your Spellcasting check exceeds their Will defense illusions you create are not automatically seen through when a target physically interacts with them.
     You may use the Summon spell to create Shadow creatures. To determine the creature's size and CL make a Spellcasting check with a +10 arcane bonus and refer to the Summon spell.
     Shadow creatures target Will defense with their attacks instead of Reflex, but if they miss on an attack roll the target sees through the illusion and no longer takes any damage from it.
Arcane Disguise
     Req: Illusion
     Using the Deceptive Appearance use of the Deception skill always takes a single Full-round action, no matter how difficult.

     Make a Spellcasting check. All creatures within 10 squares whose will defense you exceed must pay attention to you. Targets get a -5 to Perception to notice anything other than you. You may maintain this effect as a standard action

     Req: Suggestion
     As a move action, you may give any creature that you have successfully Fascinated a suggestion. Make a Spellcasting check, if you exceed their will defense you may dictate the target's next standard action.

Stealth Sphere
     You may extend your Invisibility spell so that effects all allies within a 2 square radius. The allies must remain within this area to benefit from the spell.

     Targets of your Charm spell get a -1 to attack you or your allies for the rest of the encounter regardless of whether or not you exceed their will defense.    
Master Enchanter
     Req: Enchanter
     The attitude change of targets of your Charm spell are not negated when you or your allies attack the target's allies. They are still negated if you attack the target.


Bolt Spell
     When you cast the Ray spell you may make an attack against every enemy in a straight line between you and your target.

Stunning Spell
     Req: Bolt Spell
     On a successful hit your lightning spells move the target and additional -1 CT.

Caustic Spell
     Req: Lingering Damage
     On a successful hit your acid spells give the target a -5 to their DT until the beginning of your next turn

Lingering Damage
     On successful hits your elemental spells do 1/2 of their damage again on your next turn.

Slowing Spell
     On a successful hit targets of your elemental spells have their speed reduced by 2. This effect lasts until the beginning of your next turn.

Immobilizing Spell
     Req: Slowing Spell
    On a successful hit targets of your cold spells have their speed reduced to 2. This effect lasts until the beginning of your next turn.
     Req: Explosion
     On a successful hit targets of your Fire spells catch fire. They take 1d6 fire damage each turn beginning on their next turn. They must spend a swift action to drop to the ground and a move action to put out the flames while prone. An adjacent ally may put out the flames as a standard action.
     On a successful hit targets of your elemental spells are knocked back one square. If your spellcasting check exceeds their Fort defense they are also knocked prone.
Elemental Savant
     Req: Any two Elementalist talents
     Choose two elements. You gain a +2 to all spellcasting checks to cast spells of the first type and may no longer cast any spells of the second type.

Enlarge Spell
     Take a -3 to your Spellcasting check to increase the area or range of any spell by 1. You may take this penalty and gain this benefit as many times as you like.
Ranged Blast
     Req: Enlarge Spell
     Take a -4 to your spellcasting check to change the range of Blast from "Centered on you" to "within 6 squares"

Quicken Spell
     Req: 3 other Metamagic Talents
     Take a -5 on a spellcasting check to reduce the action required to cast a spell by one step (Standard->move->swift->free)

Extend Spell
     Any spells you cast that may be maintained last for one round after you cease concentration.

Safe Spell
     Spells you cast do not harm your allies.

Efficient Concentration
     Req: Extend Spell
     You may reduce the type of action required to maintain concentration on a spell by one step (Standard->move->swift->free).

     You may use the Dispel spell as a reaction to negate any spell targeting you or an ally within 6 squares.

Maximize Spell
     Req: 2 other metamagic talents
     You may take a -5 on your Spellcasting check for any spell that deals dice of damage in order to maximize the damage roll for that spell.

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